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Silicon Valley Home To 2017s Most Financially Savvy Homebuyers

Silicon Valley: Home to 2017’s Most Financially Savvy Homebuyers

Outstanding money-management skills are a near necessity for Silicon Valley homebuyers and owners given the region’s astronomical real estate prices,...
Bay Area Communities Continue To Rank High For Livability

Bay Area Communities Continue to Rank High for Livability

Palo Alto, which ranks No. 7 on the 2016 of the country’s 100 most livable small and midsized cities. Fifteen percent of the top 100 small and midsized...
2014 Rent Payments Zoom Higher Across Bay Area

2014 Rent Payments Zoom Higher Across Bay Area

Rent payments in the Bay Area rose nearly three times the national average last year, giving renters another reason to consider homeownership. Renters in...